Low pressure water mist systems


Low pressure water mist systems


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Turn - Key Firefighting Systems

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Sonker is a Public-Private Partnership jointly owned by Amiral Group (63%) and the Ministries of Petroleum and Finance owning the remaining 37%

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Housing & Development Bank (HD Bank) was established as an Egyptian joint stock company in 1979. Upon its launch, the key mandate of HD Bank key is to finance moderate housing units to Egypt inhabitants together with a leading role in mending the gap between supply & demand in the real estate market.

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The study began at the Faculty of Medicine in 1962 as a branch of Cairo University, then East Delta University was established by Law No. 49 of 1972 and the name was modified to Mansoura University in 1973, and the university is considered the sixth in terms of origin among the universities of the Republic and the campus occupies an area of approximately 300 acres from the southwest side of Mansoura

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Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) is a governmental Egyptian university built in partnership with Japan in New Borg El-Arab City in Alexandria for postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It is a mutual cooperation between the Egyptian and Japanese governments for the purpose of having a long standing partnership between the two countries to promote human development in the region and worldwide. Collaborating in growing, and developing educational partnerships with Egyptian and Japanese universities, E-JUST is unique for its advanced academic specializations that enhance the exposure of its students to a spectrum of best academic and research experiences


About Nile Systems

NILE SYSTEMS is MEP company, focused in Fire Systems products engineering, supply and installation. Firm founded and managed by more than 20 years experienced professionals in the field. Due to region’s economic growth over the last several years, NILE SYSTEMS shall be positioned to capitalize on the growing demand of fire systems and building products businesses in Egypt.

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Providing full range of Fire Alarm and Protection systems suitable for all projects sizes and applications, through partnership with world’s most innovative manufacturer.

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We provide Fire Alarm & Firefighting Products

Firefighting Systems

Fires that go undetected for a while are known to have the worst amount of damage. Water sprinklers are one of the most critical components of a firefighting system as they combat the fire in its earliest stage before things get worse. Automatic sprinkler systems detect, control, and extinguish fires in place while warning the occupants and managers of the event. Sprinkler systems include a number of key components such as control valve sets, fire pumps, sprinkler heads, water storage tanks, flow switches, pressure switches, pipe work and vales. It’s mandatory to ensure that every component is installed properly and functioning flawlessly.

Fire Alarm Systems

Early detection of fire is the best protection you can put in place to be able to prevent fires from spreading and minimize the damage.  Advanced fire detection systems are equipped with sensors and detectors, control panels, and alarms. Control panels in particular play a critical role because they process the signals from the connected fire detectors and trigger the necessary actions in real time. High-quality control panels are modular and flexible, and they can enable structuring in a way that saves time and makes the system easier to maintain. At NILE SYSTEMS we provide some of the best fire detection systems in the world which features a powerful processor and a large number of integrated functions to ensure topmost efficiency and speed. Our services include supply, installation, and maintenance for any building regardless of its size or type.  

Gas Suppression And Clean Agent Systems

The FM200 continues to be the extinguishing agent of choice for modern fire suppression systems because it does not generate any toxic or reactive products which may cause damage. The FM200 is also environment friendly as it does not contain any bromine or chlorine and therefore it has zero Ozone Depleting Potential. The FM200 is safe for use in occupied areas and suitable for protection on a range of high value risks.   Inert gas suppression systems are a safe, natural, and environment friendly solution for extinguishing fires as they work on reducing the level of oxygen concentration around the fire. The most popular inert gas agents used include IG541 which is a mix of Nitrogen, Argon and CO2, and IG100 which is 100% Nitrogen. The IG 541 features an excellent extinguishing power as it also works at high pressures and covers long distances. The IG 100 can be used at normal temperatures with materials typically used in industry and construction, and because it’s non-conductive it is highly recommended for protecting electric and electronic materials. At NILE SYSTEMS we supply high quality gas suppression systems for all kinds of facilities, and we take care of installation and regular maintenance.

High Pressure Water Mist Systems

High pressure water mist systems are now widely used in firefighting for their effectiveness and efficiency. At varying levels of pressure, water mist systems can do everything from creating a fire suppressing fog to a water-efficient alternative to traditional sprinklers. High pressure water mist systems are also environment friendly and cause minimal damage to the property when used. At NILE SYSTEMS we supply, install, and maintain high pressure water mist systems for facilities of any size and type.

Low Pressure Water Mist Systems

Low-pressure water mist systems combine the low water consumption, space-saving installations and other benefits of water mist systems with the price advantage of sprinkler systems. FireKill™ OH is an automatic, concealed low pressure watermist system ideal for residential areas, offices, data processing areas, meeting rooms, hotels, museums, restaurant seating areas, institutions, schools and such applications. The different finishes and optional painted finishes make the system blend in with almost any type of surface.